Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What am I?

People have asked me a few times what am I, "Jewish, Christian, Muslim or something else?" I always have a bad reaction to private questions from someone I don't know. I know I should be open about it and share, but I consider my beliefs something special between me and God and I've been hurt too many times by people on the basis of religion. Perhaps I am still figuring it out myself.

There are so many cruel souls out there who use religion to hurt people, there are so many people who when they find out you are another religion they want to convert you to their's. I could never do that, I am opinionated but when it comes to people of other faiths I have a real "live and let live" philosophy. So even on this blog I'm not going to reveal anything personal about myself, even my own religion, accept to say I respect Judaism, Christianity and Islam equally.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's very interesting that you aren't even revealing your religion here! I feel uncomfortable being asked that question too, but then I'm not "Christian, Muslim, or Jewish" -- or Hindu or Zoroastrian or Buddhist! I am not any of these things alone or specifically. I'm none of them and all of them. I trust in God and that I will be led in directions that bring me closer to God, whatever the religious label that people put on it. It's hard to be open about your faith when you're not following those established norms. How can I explain why I cover my head if it's not because I'm a member of a group that is "supposed" to? For me, religion is about being close to God, and God has never called me to follow any specific religion at the exclusion of others -- just to follow, and do whatever it is that brings me closer to him. Sometimes that means that other people want to lump me into some kind of group. Oh, other people. :-) The best we can do is to be ourselves and follow our faith, and not worry or take offense at the thoughts and feelings of others.

Anonymous said...

Salaam daer.
I love the image you used and the fact that you have equal respect fo rall three- great way to live. I also have experienced many people wanting me to convert to their faiths. I am curious about them all and for the moment I identify myself as multi-faith and spiritual. I may one day convert to one or many religions, or I may flow away from organized religions.
I just believe one should follow their heart, gut and mind. Trust what you feel is true and right and just. If that is a certain religion, then great. If not, then great. It is all alright.

-Salaam from Sherika @