Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange scarf style

Ok, she is very pretty and I'm not going to judge this girl's style but I'm wondering how does she keep this scarf on her head at all? It seems like it would slip off every 2 seconds especially being silk. Wouldn't that get really annoying after a while? Why not wear a hooded sweatshirt or something? A hoodie actually stays put on your head and also looks more "cool" than a silk scarf half falling off your head. :-)

I'm not sure but I think this is an Iranian way of wearing a headscarf, it is an "I'm not really into this religion thing, I'm only wearing this because I have to," sort of thing.


Gail said...

That's not good hijab. Mainly because her hair & neck is exposed. When I reverted, I wised up real quick about wearing "cute" hijabs. They look good in front of the mirror but they dont hold up during Salat or a windy day.

Akhurnu said...

Are you sure it is meant to be a hijab? It could be a jewish head covering.

justsaying said...

She probably wants a funkier look than the hooded look. Also I think she is wearing more as a fashion accessoary than a religious headcovering.