Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want to be plain.

I bought a dark blue jilbab to add to my collection of modest clothes. I got it at charity shop in the "international" section (they also had many salwar kameez, Indian/Pakistani outfits). I'm not an expert on what is in style in jilbabs. In fact, I never really wore one before. ^_^

I think black is always in style, but I don't like a lot of sequins and trims on everything like this (urgh). To me this navy one looks a little outdated, I don't see anyone wearing these. It has snaps all down the front and the snaps are covered in ugly gold buttons (the buttons are glued on to the fabric, arrrgh!!), but I'm going to try and gently rip them off & replace them with more subtle dark blue buttons.

It looks somewhat like a church choir robe in the way that it is cut, it has an above-the-bust 'waist' (which is great for hiding curves), pleats in the back and cuff sleeves. It is a little too long for me but does not drag on the ground and otherwise fits nicely. It is really hard to find modest clothes in a petite size and I cannot afford to have something tailored specifically for me. I mainly shop in charity shops (I'm saving up my to buy this for myself) I got this jilbab for $7, it looks like it was only worn a few times. Some people have an issue wearing used clothing, but I don't care as long as it looks like new and I washed it. I love dark navy blue. The camera flash made this look brighter than it is in reality, it is a deep dark navy blue. Once I get those ugly buttons off it will be a great outerwear piece for spring/early autumn but not warm enough for icy the pre-winter weather here now.

*Note: I wear funky stuff and whatever I feel like around the house. I only throw on big, figure-obscuring plain and unattractive things when I leave the house.*

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Kristenmomof3 said...

I love Salwar Kameez. It is mainly what I wear. SO comfortable.